The author

Hi, my name is Olivier Nourry, and I’m here with a purpose.

In February 2005, I discovered what Web accessibility meant. In a second, I knew it was the indisputably right thing to do. And that it had to be done by any possible means. The second after, I also realized that not everybody would agree with this opinion. And that, if I can be of some help with the first point, the second point needed attention too. The blog you are reading is my stepping stone on this path.

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This blog is personal, independent, and any opinion I express here is mine, and mine only. Same thing for the guests.

The photo in the background (the bizarre, wide-eyed animal) has been taken during a fantabulous trip in Oceania (no wonder then that we named our daughter Océane). I would have loved telling you that it’s a subtle allegory of what this blog is about. But, no. Well, not that much.