How an accessible Web would change your life?

When you “do” accessibility, you are always eager to get users feedbacks. What challenges are imposed by this particular website, or widget, and how to improve them, etc. And everybody agrees on the fact that the Web is an extraordinary opportunity for the persons with disabilities… provided that it is accessible to them.

But, how, exactly? I’ve been wondering. What would you do more, or less, or better, if the Web was accessible indeed? Which frustrations or disappointments would you avoid? What kind of new possibilities would you use? To sum it up: How an accessible Web would change your life?

My goal: to collect testimonials from “real users”, in order to understand what they expect, globally, from a world where the Web is accessible. Not “more accessible”, just “accessible”. Like if there was no barrier anymore to access the Web and its contents and services.

My hope is that we reveal trends and common traits in the users’ expectations. Perhaps we’ll get hints on what should be done first and foremost.

The question is open, and the proposed way to answer it is to post a comment to this article. No guidance is provided, to let you choose your way. You can identify yourself, or not. You can describe your accessibility needs, or not. You can be accurate, or remain vague. You can be specific, or generic. Do it the way you see fit.

Really looking forward to reading your comments!