RGAA (French Accessibility Guidelines based on WCAG2) now available in English

In France, the law requires that all websites of the public sector conform to international accessibility standards, namely, the WCAG2. To help organizations meet this requirement, the French government provides a testing methodology, the RGAA.

The RGAA consists of three parts: an introduction to the RGAA, application guidelines, and a set of technical documents, including a complete checklist. The RGAA is based on the normative and informative parts of WCAG2, meaning that a website passing the RGAA also conforms to WCAG2.

The RGAA is meant to provide a way for testers, developers, and other professionals, to check conformance of web content without having to pull all the information out of the WCAG2. With minimal expertise, professionals can apply the RGAA checklist and be confident about the accessibility of web pages that pass the tests.

The technical documents have been translated into English, and are available on GitHub (issues, comments and PR welcome!)